Would anyone be interested in a brief look around one of the cleanrooms at Oxford Physics?


Dear all,
I’ve been mildly promising for a while to arrange a tour of some of our detector labs at Oxford. If I’d got my act together earlier this could have included both OPMD (which is a small scale silicon assembly and test facility) and the “heavy lab” (which is a very large cleanroom where they build full barrels of the ATLAS detector and such), but unfortunately would now include only the former as the latter has gone into “full clean” ahead of the ATLAS upgrade delivery in 2021. Nevertheless there’s a lot of cool kit in OPMD and might be of interest to anyone with an interest either in electronics or in micro-manufacturing (micron scale), or in particle physics, astrophysics, synchrotron or medical instrumentation, all of which is part of the activity that goes on there.
We could arrange this at any time, weekends are probably best, and I might be able to also persuade someone else who knows more about the micro manufacturing side to come in and talk about it.

I’ll propose a date of June 22nd, but if anyone’s super interested and can’t do that date we could move it.

Dan W



I’m interested, but if there are limited spots I’ll gladly give my spot to somebody more directly related to this kind of stuff.



I could join if it’s relatively early in the day