Woodworking group


Hello everyone,

Just had a chat with someone interested in woodworking and I think we might be able to afford expanding if we play our cards right.
The room I’m thinking we could take would cost around £400/m. What I’m thinking is that we empty our room and move into the offices upstairs. Then we set up our room for woodworking which could fit 2 people working at the same time. The only way we could set this up is if we prepay up until the break clause which is 6 months.

A good way to break that down is 6months * 8 people * £60. We could organise it as a pledge and if we hit it we will gather the money and sign the contract. That’s £60*6 is £360 upfront for access to the tools room. How does that sound? We could reach out to Makespace to hold the room for us for a month and see if we can cover our pledge. How does all of that sound?

Anyone paying that much of the normal membership will also get access to the room. I know it makes it a tiered membership but in terms of voting rights we’d all be equal.

We could take Makespace up on the offer of putting a shed out and store materials there giving us even more value for the space that we have inside where we have electricity and have to worry less about security.

If you’re interested please leave a message here, send me a private message, or email secretary@eof.org.uk and I’ll collate the pledges.

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Good to meet you today Iulian! Quick work on getting this post up. As we discussed, I’d be interested in this for sure. I think whether it is worth it for me would depend on how busy/available it is at the times when I could use it. With space for 2 to work, you may need a reservation system, so that people know they will get the space for a decent stint. What are the dimensions of your current space? I’d be happy to look at what might be possible as a workable layout.



Our room is 3mx4m with all the wall space available except for the window which we’ll need for access to the windows and heater.

Yes, we would have to arrange rotas so you know you can be there with your personal space not being encroached :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like the room I’m aiming for is available from the 6th of July so we’ll have to reach out to Makespace soon



Iulian, I’m not sure I’ve understood. Are you saying that the new room would be for everything except woodworking, while our current room downstairs would be set up for woodworking only? That is, we would have 2 rooms?



Yes. Basically a win/win. Non-woodworing would get a bigger room, and woodworking would get something on the ground floor with easy access. In terms of keyholding all that matters at the moment is being responsible for keeping the building open, not for supervising our members.

The alternative if woodworking is to happen is that a group of woodworkers move into another room and do their own thing outside of our organisation. I don’t think we really want to lose access to such facilities like that.

To me this also looks like a temporary arrangement, until our membership grows and can cover the rest of the rent.



I’m happy to put up some cash for this but couldn’t stretch to £360 immediately. Personally not that interested in woodwork but a larger space for everything else would be great.



Quick maths check:
£400 pcm with 6 months paid up-front is 6 * £400 = £2400

If we’re splitting that up 8 ways that’s £2400 / 8 = £300.

So that would be an up-front pledge of £300 per person (unless I’m missing something).

Count me in.



That’s technically £50 pcm but I think we’ll have some overhead (deposit) and also buffer for people who are already members but would be willing to go up to £60 to do woodworking. Either that or we take the risk at £50 and hope that a few more people will join on the way.