Wood boards for Readies workshops


Hi everyone, if anyone wants to give me a bit of help, I need to make some project boards to screw meccano parts to. So maybe 3 planks glued together on their sides, of about 40-50cm long. I’ll be bringing some pallet wood that’s already been broken up, donated by my good friends Jericho Coffee Traders.

The job is simple and would be good practice for some would-be furniture makers and woodworkers.

We got some amazing tools from the AGAST project at Brookes University to help us do this including a work bench and an electric planer (that we get to keep!) so I would appreciate if I didn’t have to do all the work.



I have a stack of wood planks recovered from a pallet and finally ended up in the hackspace. They need planing and sanding, then glued on the long side 3 wide. If anyone wants to get their woodworking itch scratch, have a go! They need to be done by Tuesday evening latest