Who wants to participate in a CTF (Capture the Flag) event?


I’ve been looking into cyber security/hacking competitions lately and recently discovered this website: https://ctftime.org/

It lists past and upcoming CTF events.

Is anyone interested in participating in one? I’ve never done it myself, but it might be fun to give it a shot. We don’t need to be any good :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This one sounds interesting:

If we get enough people interested it might be fun to book the gallery room, order some pizzas, and give it a shot.


Is this gaming capture the flag or hacking capture the flag?


It’s a hacking capture the flag.


Drat, I can’t help there, or rather I can’t help as much


I’m struggling to find an explanation of what it means. Maybe you could give some examples or we can organise a mini session on one of your keyholding shifts and do a few practice challenges to get an idea?


I’m new to the concept myself, but I think it’s just a series of hacking challenges where you’re trying to find the “flag” which is often just a long number prefixed with “CTF”. So, if while doing the challenge you find “CTF27963628058” somewhere then you know you’ve found the flag.

The challenges can be anything from brute forcing a password to reverse engineering a communication protocol, to playing around with injection exploits. It can really be anything.

The CTF I find had practice questions. We could try to do them during my next shift if you’d like.


For additional context, here’s a video of somebody going through beginner-level Google CTF:


It looks fun. Depending on weather and stuff, could I join in remotely?


I can’t see why not. We could even set up the tiny laptop as a telepresence device for you :yum:


I’ve created a team for EOF. If you’d like to play you can create an account here: https://mitrestemctf.org/

Once registered you should be able to join the EOF team.

I don’t think these steps are all that important, since I should be able to share the material with you guys as needed.


I’ll have to skip this one… I’ll be off for the weekend. But I’ll join the training sessions.


The training session would likely be during my Wednesday shift. This coming Wednesday, however, is the Oxford Geek Night and I might pop down there to mention EOF (unless I can convince someone else to do so).

So I’m not sure when the training session would be. It could also happen during the next social night.


I’ve posted the event details here: [Fri 22/02/2018 19:00-22:00] CTF Challenge!

The prep-session will be on Wednesday the 20th during my shift. All the details are in the linked post.