When we're open


I’m mulling over the options we have to better announce to the world the times we’re open.

Yesterday I was wiring up the big button that we have which we could hook up to a raspberry pi (there’s a few spare in the hackspace). There’s the option of announcing the space is open by pressing the button. My suggestion is to replace the button with a 3D printed hand so you can high five it and announce to the world that the space is open and should call in to see for how long.

Maybe we could set up a PIR sensor to decide when to turn it off.

The other tangential idea is to make a Twitter bot on an alternative account and also advertise on there. It has the bonus of being able to embed it on our website.



The twitter bot sounds cool. I think other hackspaces have done this as well.

I’m also tempted write a script to update our calendar when your switch is pressed.

Sounds like a fun project!