When should we do the next CTF?


Ok, the last CTF was pretty fun. Who wants to do another?

According to CTF Time, it looks like there’s a few CTFs to pick from this month.

Although a lot of these span multiple days, I figured we’d probably just meet up for ~3 hours one evening.
Of course, I’ll probably keep working on it for the entire duration :slight_smile:

And, just like last time, I’ll register EOF as a team.

If you’d like to participate please use the doodle poll below to show your availability.

Doodle poll:



I’m sorry, I voted yes to the 16th, but I can’t actually make it. Im a bad hacker.


Super short notice I know… @yves.conan and I are meeting for a few hours today at 2 at Common Ground to have a go at this weekend’s event. Feel free to join us.


This CTF ended up being SUPER hard…

Maybe we should try one aimed at non-professionals next time. Like this one:


Only 8 hours on the Sunday! 31st of March. I mean it does start at 6AM so… Maybe aim for 9AM start?