Visit on Wednesday 05/02

Hi there,
I was thinking of coming along to see what Hack Space is like and to give me some ideas/inspiration for projects etc. I assume this is still going and its worth turning up?
Would love to hear from anyone else intending to go tomorrow (Wednesday).

Hi Jason,

The hackspace is open from 19:00 to 22:00 today.

I will look forward to your visit.

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Also, when you get to the building, the entrance is on the right as you look at the building. Ours is the second set of windows from the right hand edge. Give us a knock and I’ll come and let you in.

Hi hi,

I am a member of Nottinghack and moved to Oxford recently and would like to visit the EOF hackspace in Oxford. My understanding is that the hackspace is opened tonight 7pm to 10pm - not sure if it’s for members only though or open night, could anyone comfirm?



Hi Guru,

Welcome to Oxford!

The hackspace is open to the public tonight.
Don’t worry if your can’t make it in today. I’ll be opening it up again tomorrow.

Hi Yves,

Sweet, I can make it tomorrow! Same time?



Yup, 7pm to 10pm.

See you then!