The 3D printers group


Hello everyone,

We had a bit of messing around this evening at the 3D Printing and Electronics event and we’ve decided to start building an animatronic face.

A few parts were printed already (the eyebrows) and we’ll be ordering the larger servos in to continue the work in a couple of weeks. I’ll be announcing dates for the next few sessions of the group shortly. We’re hoping to modify the face bits to add cameras and a more interesting face.

The evening was also a bit disappointing since I ordered a spool of 2.85 mm filament and it never got to our pigeon hole… I’ll ask on the internal mailing list if anyone knows of it. We’re also lacking a micro SD to SD or to USB adapter permanently left in the space. I had forgotten mine which meant we were only using the spare half meter of filament from the Ultimaker. Hopefully we’ll sort out all the issues for the next one.

We’ll continue with the rest of the parts and probably will move onto more animatronics and legged robots.



Im ready for the next session! :star_struck::robot:



spent some time rendering this… missing my egg-holder from the childhood, so will try to print this chick somehow too.

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something quite futuristic but already real.