Spreading the workload


Hello everyone,

I’m starting to fall behind with administering my different responsibilities at the moment and I’d appreciate some help.

The current tasks I would like to hand off are:

  • Relaying of events and activities to the group, either from makespace or internally. I totally forgot to mention this awesome pottery event that’s happening today from 6? hosted by our neighbour.
  • Advertising events and activities that we’re running on our media outlets.
  • Keeping the website updated with appropriate information, including proactively modifying the website to better align it to our recruiting drive.
  • Branding and recruiting.


OK on the one hand I think a bunch of that stuff I think I should be helping to do,
But as usual my fears are around my reliability:
I’m having enough issues right now trying to keep my life moving forward…
Also I lack the understanding how to update a modern website
Are there any suggestions from people other than Iulian where I can learn the tools I need?


Hi Kate, If you want to have a go at checking the website, we already have our dev environments ready to go. I think the fastest way is to have a look and let us know how we should re-write things.


I will try to do some internal stuff, but frankly I’ll be off to a very slow start as I still haven’t really got my head round Discourse etc.