Regular Keyholding Shifts


We’re getting to the point where we need to have regular opening times. Can I check if anyone can commit to opening on any days/evenings, either weekly or fortnightly? I would appreciate knowing if multiple people can cover the same days. If you want to keep your keyholding schedule private then please send me a private message.

I’m aiming to open on Monday evenings starting in the next couple of weeks and Thursday evenings starting July.

You will be officially put on the responsible persons list for setting the building alarm and all that so this is not something we’re going to dish out to anyone with a casual schedule (ad-hoc personal decision, to be solidified at some meeting in the future). This is going to be a trustee level decision I should think since it deals with the security of the building and our license as a whole.


I should be able to do most Friday evenings.


I am offering to be keyholder on Tuesdays from 12:00 to 16:00. I am often likely to be able to stay later than this (e.g. to 17:00) but prefer to give myself some flexibility. I can start from 19 June, on the assumption that by then I’ll have been instructed in the alarm-setting procedure etc.


@ecameronkirby @yves.conan @PsyBorg can you please confirm any regular shifts you’re planning to keep? I suggest we concentrate on a couple of days and make them regular.
@ecameronkirby seems to have a day shift on Tuesdays so it would be good to have the evening covered as well.
Can we fit a second evening shift that’s covered by at least 2 people? I’m willing to move mine around.


I can do Saturdays. Long shift is OK.

We could do Saturday Brunch as a regular thing.


Unfortunately I can’t confirm any regular times. My remote work days move around too much.

Of course, that will change after my contract ends in November.


Ok, we’ve roughly decided on tue and sat. @dan.weatherill , @matthew.ellen any chance you can support on any of those days or have any other days you can offer up?


Hi! August is the first full month of Beina in her new job, so I’ll let you know in September when I have a better idea of how her shifts affect us.


What’s the policy on not coming to your shift?
I wasn’t able to make mine on Tuesday, so I removed it from the calendar in the morning.
I’m at the space now and Tim isn’t around for his shift, and we’re still open on the calendar.

Can anyone formulate what the procedure should be? Where we need to announce closures? What constitutes an emergency closure (i.e. if we can’t find a keyholder and we’ve only just been told?) and where to announce that?


I’ve put my shifts up for “Open on request”. If someone gets in contact I’ll open up, otherwise it’s a bit pointless. I’ll take them off when I’m not available and someone hasn’t contacted me, conversely I’ll mark it as open if someone is definitely coming in.


I don’t see anything wrong with having slots “open upon request”. We just need to make sure it’s clear how to request this. It sounds like we might need a keyholders mailing list. And proper mailing lists, for that matter.

As for formulating a policy regarding closures: I guess this, like most other things, would fall under the category of somebody preparing a proposal and then bringing it to a vote at a member meeting.

I’ll add this and the mailing list to the backlog of things to do.


Hi! As I mentioned to Iulian last night, I’m up for doing a Thursday night shift, starting on the 1st.

Say 6pm to 10pm? Would anyone be interested in the space being open then?


I’m interested in having the space open then :slight_smile:

We need more regular hours. I’ll be able to offer more regular evening hours soon as well.

@matthew.ellen I’ve granted you permission to update the Keyholding calendar. This calendar is what drives the open/closed hours on the website.

I’ve also added a regular Thursday shift for you. Feel free to amend as needed.


Great! Thanks. This means I’ll need a set of keys and some sort of induction. When can that be done?


Can you pop by Aristotle House today? I’ll be in Oxford until about 8pm.

I can get you a key and do the induction. I don’t have any spare fobs, though. Do you have one already?


Today is not good, sorry. Any other day though. I don’t have a fob yet.

It’s not imperative I start on the 1st, just that’s the soonest I can.


Ok. I’m going back to Woking this evening and won’t be back until Friday.
I’ll try to leave a key for you with Iulian or Jared. I’m not sure we have any spare fobs. We might need to make more copies at Timpsons.


Starting in Feb I should be able to take on a regular keyholding shift.

Are there any preferences on which evening? I’m leaning towards Wednesday.


Sounds good. Thanks.