Re-wiring fridge electrics to brew craft beer using a Raspberry Pi


Hi all

I need some electrical support with a fridge. I want to hack a fridge for brewing craft beer, and the fridge is then controlled by a Rasperry Pi. I had an old fridge which was already hacked (by a friend), but I need to switch the system over to a new fridge because the insulation on the old fridge is not very good.

This is the guide that I have been following: I think that what I have done is similar to Option 3, using SSRs.

This is a picture of what the old fridge wiring looks like.
This is the new fridge wiring.

I basically just need to switch the wiring over to the new fridge. My new compressor is actually identical to the compressor in the link (fridge hacking guide). But I just can’t quite understand the schematic they have drawn because there are lots of different wires on the new fridge!

I’d love some help (in person), and live just around the corner from Makespace. Very happy to donate to EOF and/or remunerate the individual who can help!

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Welcome Edward!! I’m not the person to ask about re-wiring fridges, but hope you get lucky with the rest of the gang.



I might be able to help out with this. I’m getting more into doing project on RPi’s and Duino’s, and electronics is another speciality of mine.



Many thanks @Achillain, this would be much appreciated! The Raspberry Pi side of things is taken care of at the moment. (Essentially I use the RPi to speak to a PID which in turn controls the fridge compressor and a heater so that the temperature inside the fridge can be controlled and function as a fermentation chamber. I’d be pleased to show you how the software works. It’s very cool, although also comfortably beyond my needs!) The current challenge I’m facing is changing the wiring from the existing fridge to the new fridge. I presume there’s a way we can PM each other on this forum, so I’ll contact you that way. Thanks again!



Hi @eduardo. I should be able to help you with the wiring but towards the latter end of the month. I’ll see when I can dedicate some time.



Dear @Iulian.Arcus - thank you very much! This would be very much appreciated. I’ll touch base with you later in the month via PM.
All the best