Proposal for Voting on Decisions


We’ve discussed having most of our internal discussions online so we can involve as many people as possible and not clog up the member meetings.

Here’s a good plug-in that I’d like to experiment with, as part of the governance proposal.
Let me know how people feel about that.



I really like the idea of conducting the bulk of our member-meeting discussions online.

In this model, an agenda item would only make it to an in-person member meeting after it has gone through a round of online discussion. The online discussion would allow interested parties to get familiar with the topic and develop it in a less time-sensitive environment.

I originally thought that the decisions around these discussions could then be formalised in the in-person meetings.

I guess, though, that for smaller items, a purely online vote would probably be sufficient.

This is probably highlighting that we need to define which kinds of decisions require in-person votes vs online votes.

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Wow. On an intial scan that add-on looks bloody wonderful.
Clearly I need to get my head straight about proposals.
And doing my action points before the deadline would help a lot. I will get better at this!
The way the meeting was run last time, definitly worked. And once I understood the idea of seperate track for each Agenda item, that also made sense.
Sorry for being gun shy last meeting but it just looked like we were going down the bad road again