Painting the floor


So we’ve gone for painting the floor. We’re currently in the process of removing the glue.

I bought a big tub of glue remover that we need to apply. We need a bit of workforce to now go in and start applying, raking and scrubbing the floor.

We have extra fobs at the moment so if anyone has time, please talk to me and I’ll give you a fob so you can go in.


Are you around on Friday? I’d like to get a fob so I can work on the floor.


Just to repeat what I’ve mentioned elsewhere - I’m giving the degluing stage a miss due to respiratory problems. However, the paint is considered to be relatively safe so hope to do some painting asap next week. Maybe from Monday, if we’ve reached that stage by then.


Eileen and I had a degluing session. There is still a lot to do. I had no idea how difficult it is. We found soaking the section we’re interested in to let the concrete underneath get wet, then heating with the heat gun to get the water vapor to lift the glue a little worked better than just water or just the heat gun.


I should be able to do some scraping on Sunday. I’ll try your new technique :slight_smile:


Has anyone tried: HG 103075106 Floor Glue Remover Extra Strong
I can get some for next sunday if it hasn’t been tried


We’ve tried HG remover, cleans about 1msq for a large tub. Also chemicals don’t mix well with Eileen. We just need some files or a sharpening stone on hand to sharpen the tools as they get used.


Can confirm. This works really well.

I managed to clear a big patch near the book case while I was working on uprading the ubuntu machine.

Wetting the floor, waiting a while, then scraping+hot air gun is much easier than other approaches I tried.

As a side note: The PC now runs Ubuntu 18 and will auto-log on the “eof” user. I’m going to see if I can set up a Asset Tiger account for it and then we can start updating the inventory (woo!)


First top coat was applied by Matt and Eileen in time for the launch on July 14. It looked good, but took a terrific battering on the day (feet!!) and certainly needs a second coat. Unfortunately, it is almost certain we will need to then apply a final coat of sealant to protect it from yet more feet.