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Hello All

I need to gauge interest on an exciting opportunity potentially for us all!

Cultivate have just bought a van and are considering whether to make it a public resource or to keep it to themselves. Really they only need it 2.5 days of the week, so it could be a great resource for the rest of us if there was appetite share the use of it.

So - do you think you as an individual or as an organisation would find it useful to have this at your doorstep and if so what sort of frequency do you anticipate needing it for? Essentially we need to justify paying a higher insurance premium to allow any driver so there would be a charge but it would be calculated to cover costs and not to make a profit.

Please feedback to my by the latest at the end of the community meeting on Thursday. (Note - also let us know if you know of other individuals / organisations that would also benefit from this)

See more info below -

Van status from Cultivate
Cultivate are currently deciding on which insurance policy to take up – either ‘any driver’ or just having a few named drivers, which is significantly cheaper. Obviously we’d prefer to leave it as ‘any driver’ so it is available for anyone to use but I need to make the case to our board on Friday. Please could you gauge interest at MakeSpace (or anyone else you think might be interested) and let me know what the feeling is before Friday morning? Thanks.

‘Any driver’ means: over 25, min 2 years driving experience. There will be a charge for using the van but purely to cover the costs of keeping it on the road. We’ll work this out once we know a bit more about how many people would be interested but it will be cheaper than using any of the alternatives, such as ZipVan etc. Ideally the van would be parked at MakeSpace when not being used although we do have free parking elsewhere albeit not as convenient for other users.

Citroen Relay 33 HDI 100 – short wheel base

Conforms to highest EU emission levels

3 seats, insulated rear with removable shelving and roof rack.

Invertor for 240v power whilst at events, etc.

Extra security locks on all rear doors

There will be space on the sides for organisation’s own magnetic signage.

Cultivate needs to use the van weekly all day Thursday and Sunday, plus Friday morning until 10.30am. Give me a call if you want any more information.

Emma Gordon

Transition by Design

Could be really useful!