New Logo - Poll


The idea of a new logo started on Thursday’s meeting where I confirmed that I can try to do a few concepts and we will see if it has potential. These are only concepts so don’t take them as finished forms. So, Tonight I hung up onto door this poll. For those who haven’t a chance to be present at social night and vote there, here is another option. Just write a number of your favorite onto the comment. If you don’t like any of these, no worries. Your opinion matters. We can still return to the origin.

Have a nice weekend! :sunny:


I created some extra design titles for events too. If you like them please give us some feedback or comments on how to improve them. Please be honest with logos too. I like spicy critics and lots of fire.


Thank you!



I have put some comments on Hangouts social thread. I can transfer them to here if anyone wants me to.



I think the only one I prefer is 8. The rest feel either too abstract or strongly thematic.

I’d like to see how you’d imagine them with some semblance of hackspace written underneath.

We could not define ourselves by one symbol, which would represent our diverse interests. So 1 and 3 could be used for electronic and RC events and groups.

I also like the social one and the concept of the game one but I don’t think they could be used outside of a lot of context.

The original logo was designed by myself during our opening day by badly trying to draw a square with a marker, then badly trying to cut vinyl for t-shirts :slight_smile: . I like the simplicity of it but other than stating our name it doesn’t really scream anything. Your 8 does give it a certain artistic vibe.

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I brought this idea for a renovation from your t-shirts and plan to advertise ourselves once again. I don’t know if the new logo was my idea or not but I liked that and tried this. If also others will find out a no.8 good way to go I can do some variations on this one. Personally, this is the one I didn’t have much time to do and filled pack of 8 with last two doodling some not certain lines and thicken them up a bit. That’s why it looks more geometrical compared to the rest. “I worked on no.1 so hard…” - Aristoteles