MP3 player proximity switch


Already I have a project - an artist from Ovada has just this minute described to me the following project:

She has 7 MP3 players that are going to play separate tracks on 7 separate speakers, so they are all wired up independently.

She would like to have them them each triggered by 7 proximity sensors, so that anyone visiting would hear a cacophony evolve, maybe I guess from 3-5 feet away.

Question 1: are there any cheap proximity sensor triggered MP3 players available?

If not I guess the best set up would be to have each of MP3 player running on loops and the speakers running through a switch controlled by a proximity sensor. I explained that this would be better than starting up the MP3 player if the starting point of the track wasn’t important.

Question 2: what components are required and in what configuration to make an adjustable proximity switch to power a speaker?

Anyone who has been in a gallery would appreciate having an audio based artwork which switches off when people aren’t around!



Hugh, Ive alerted the EOF folk to your request and hope you won’t have to wait too long for some kind of answer. Also hope you’ll be visiting us in our new home soon. The premises are ready and we hope to be moving stuff in over the next few weeks.



Hugh, any cheap mp3 player can be modified with use of a PIR sensor to do as intended:

basically you wire the sonsor into the play pause button and it will truigger play on motion.

The easiest option would be an arduino with an audio shield and the PIR sensor.



if the distances are fixed, and a bit of calibration is possible, this would be possible without even a micro, just using comparators and transistors to switch the play/pause buttons.

As Jared says, you could use PIR sensors. It would also be fairly simple to use active (e.g. beam-break) IR diodes for shortish distances (again via a micro or comparators) or if that didn’t work, really fancy ultrasonic based ones (e.g. . These could also be done via a micro or again with some discrete logic, which would be a little more complicated in that case.



I have a bag of ultrasonic sensors that might work for this. Should be good for 2 meters I think? I’ll have to check the specs.



The go to solution for a lot of people right now is Sonoff which are typically 5 to 10 quid and highly programmable
go look on YouTube and you will find mountain of people hacking sonoff’s esp8266 to any and every thing
for example
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