Makespace Oxford Q&A


Emails from Iulian to Emma:

I have a few questions that came out of our meeting this weekend.

Firstly since we discussed a plan for working out of a container in the near future, I wanted to start that discussion soon as I’m assuming the application to the council might take a few months. I understand it was brought up at the community meeting and it was roughly decided that 20ft containers are what we should be going for. That roughly sounds appropriate for our needs but we’d need to consider how we’re going to make the best use out of that. Regardless we would definitely be going for some extra space. Coming back to the planning permission, is that something MO will be applying for or would EOF have to do it?

In regards to business rates relief, there was a mention that someone from the council would have to come and evaluate. Is this something EOF would have to proactively apply for, or will it be done as part of a larger sweep?

Parking was also mentioned and last time we discussed it, it was left that we wouldn’t necessarily need a fixed day space but an evening one would be preferable. Also having a dedicated loading space towards the secondary entrance was mentioned. Could you please let me know what the current state of our request is?

In regards to the license and keyholders, we’re compiling a revised list at the moment. We would like to be flexible about who is on this list so we’re wondering how often we could update the list with new responsible people?
We’ve hit a small problem on the paperwork (our asset lock entity was ineligible) so we’re attempting to fix that soon.

It was mentioned you would like to get rid of some of the chairs in the main room. We would be happy to take a couple of the dusty ones as we need a few for daily use. It would also be useful to have a few spare communally in case someone wants to organise an event. If you’re happy with that, I can send you some photos of the ones we’re thinking of claiming to confirm we’re ok to take them?

In regards to fobs, we went to Timpsons on Saturday and one of our members had a mobile reader, which allowed us to test the fobs on the spot. We would be happy to take the fobs that are problematic and get them updated and checked so you don’t have to make multiple trips.

In regards to paying license fees and deposits, what would be the timeline and details for that?

In regards to working hours, we’ve had a couple of evenings where we have gone past the 11PM that was mentioned a while ago. We were asked to leave by [the evening admin] a second time now (around 1:30AM) when we were confined to our room, with only our lights on, and just rearranging our equipment. We would appreciate it if we can have a discussion about this, both about closing times and low noise times. [Another resident] was interested in hearing about this as well.

Do you know what the situation is with the electrics in our room? We’re still lacking access to 4/6 plugs at the moment.

Another thing we’re considering is to allow daytime usage for a few people, if they can’t afford a full space and don’t need it full time, for a fixed monthly fee, which will then go to buying tools they might need but owned by the hackspace. I was wondering if you had been approached by anyone looking for such an arrangement? It would be exclusive access between 8am - 5pm (maybe 6pm) and would be able to store a small amount of personal items/project in a locker.

Reply from Emma:

  1. Only the plugs along the bottom edge on the outside edge of the building have been re-instated by the electricians.
  2. You are effectively talking about a sub lease for the day time. This will need to be discussed by the board at the next meeting which is at the beginning of next month.
  3. Shipping container - if EOF want to start exploring the planning side of a container that would be great as my head is still deep in getting the building and it’s systems up and running before I get to any additional spaces.
  4. There is a parking plan which will be circulated soon, it had loading and visitors parking on there
  5. Chairs are in the attic. Come and find me and I’ll let you have as many as you like
  6. I will raise this at the board meeting next month as well. As I understand you guys have odd schedules.
  7. I need to issue you a lease and an invoice for the rent. It’s a month deposit and one months rent.


Further to this, different updates that have come in during the last week. Some security data is redacted and will be distributed to keyholders.

Minutes from MO community meeting 14/06:

Launch Party

  • Launch Party – people signing up, need co-ordination for day / timing if you can
    volunteer for this or other jobs please get in touch with Lucy or Elanor.
  • Open studio on the day – There will be tours. Please provide a little brief outside
    your door so people can know what to say about you.
  • Downstairs will be a gallery for launch party – Speak to Andy who will curate if
    you have anything to display.
  • There will be a launch party meeting on Monday 18 th and noon downstairs.
  • There will be 2x work days in preparation. Friday 6 th 4pm onwards and Saturday
    7 th , midday onwards. If you are able to muck in that would be wonderful.

Internal comms:

  • Events calendar to be shared so all can see what is on. Sorry not to have
    broadcast the Green week event yesterday.
  • Emma to do a weekly “What to expect this week” while there is still so much
    going on .
  • Mailing list set up. [n.b. iulian: we should talk about who is on this mailing list from our group.]


  • For now door can remain open, all to take care to lock own doors.
  • EG to put map for where offices are to put outside by door.
  • Opening up and locking procedure document to be circulated by EG
  • The alarm will be set on Monday. First in and last out to use it. Situated to the
    left of the rear entrance door. Type in [redacted] and exit.
  • Lisa from ORC is going to bring in her dog, he’s friendly. If anyone has any issues
    around this speak to Lisa, or if you want to take “Max” for a walk feel welcome.
  • [Gate will be locked from time to time to encourage less free-loading.] Code is [redacted].


  • Fire safety. There will be a tour at 11am on Monday (18 th ) and Thursday (22 nd )
    please send someone to represent your organisation. [n.b. @Iulian.Arcus : @ecameronkirby agreed to attend]
  • Composting and waste bins will have labels. EG to circulate a waste briefing note
    for all. Compost bins coming soon.
  • We have a cleaner weekly, but she won’t do cups. Andy to get draining rack.
  • Loo rollers (EG getting maintenance person to do some odd jobs like this)

Building works update

  • Hot Desking to start – please spread the word. Looking for people who are
    interested and like minded. £130 per month, can do pro rata.
  • Young Womens Music Project to be in by beginning of July
  • Siballi pots will start to move in next week
  • Library of Things are starting to move in at the moment


It’s a little disappointing that they see the daytime resident as sub letting, but I guess it makes sense.

Thanks for the update!