Maker internship in Cambridge


We had this come through our email. Sounds like a good opportunity!


My name is Ellie and I work for TE Connectivity.

We’re recruiting for 2 Makers to work with us for 3 months this summer in Cambridge on a new turnkey project kit leveraging Raspberry Pis, TE sensors, 3D printing and other technologies. This is an exciting opportunity to join an organization that is venturing into engineering communities; combining TE’s reliable products with the creation of software, documentation and training materials – helping us be a design-solutions partner for our customers.

Candidates will be given specific “on the job” training and will collaborate with team members from across the TE organization to deliver the project. This is a paid internship and will help shape a career in the software and electronics industry.

I was wondering if there was any way to share this opportunity in your space?

Below is the link to the posting, and I’ve attached an advert.