Launch Party (14th July)


The launch party is in less than 2 weeks! It would be great if we can host some mini workshops and I wanted to see if anyone else wanted to get involved.

I was talking to a friend and we wanted to do an introduction to mould making, to encourage the special make-up effects group. I’ll check if that’s still on.

There’s also the Readie project that needs some wood cleaned up so we can play around with making some wooden boards (like 2-3 planks glued together).

I really want more people to get involved so if you want to do something mention it here!

We also need volunteers to keep the space open! The official time for this is 2-4PM!

Ribbon cutting is at 3PM.

Finally, there are a few days coming up to come and help with painting and bench making.
Friday 6th from 4-8PM.
Saturday 10AM - 5PM.



I should be able to take a few hours from work and run some kind of electronics thing at this…