Lathes & other delicious things


MK Makerspace have offered us some lathes they have in a warehouse sitting unused. We were planning on going on a scouting trip and see what’s useful to pick.

How do people feel about having one? Could we maybe think of a way to wall off a corner for indoor wood working (like plastic drapes and a vent?)


How big are the lathes?
I say we accept at least one even if we may not be ready to use them yet.

I also like the idea of installing a curtain to create a temporally isolated corner for dirty work.

I’ll try to free up some space next week while I’m moving things around to paint the floor.


How did this turn out?


Dan and I are going to go on an evening trip in the next two weeks. Others are welcome to join.


Update on this. While there weren’t any lathes going, we now have a full range of power tools (saws, drills, sanders, vices, hammers, files, etc.) which needs to be commissioned.