Lathe donation


Our friends at Share Oxford offered us a wood lathe donation. What do people think?
It packs up very well so we could keep it in storage until we need it.


Yes definitely! We still need more equipment, and between us we have enough storage space till we get our extension/larger premises. Many thanks to Share.


I agree with Eileen. It would be a great addition to our tool set. :+1:


(Tuesday 23 October) Have been talking to Maurice today. He would rather like to hand over the lathe in the not-to-distant future. His office is small and he needs the space for other things. I will put something on Hangouts, in an attempt to get more reactions so we can make a decision. And also check if Kate is able initially to stash it in her garage.


Maurice will be at Makespace up to 4:00 pm on 3rd November. Kate (and I?) will collect lathe by that time, so we’ll have to leave the directors’ meeting (1-3 pm) promptly if it’s being held in OARC.


It’s on our floor now. I’ll move it into storage soon.


Lathe taken away for storage. I forgot to check if it’s on the asset system. Do we have an option for location or something to mention who it’s stored with?