Label Printer


Does anyone have a spare label printer they could lend the hackspace?

Being able to label our bins, component drawers, tool wall slots, etc, would be super useful.

We could buy one, but I feel like label printers are the kind of thing that accumulate in people’s junk drawers. Purchased for one project, used to great effect, and then stored forever. Why not share the wealth? :wink:


Hey dude - I have a Dymo printer you can borrow. USB connected thing - does tapes and big stickers, but the tape bit is a bit dodgy - good for the big stickers though.


Hi Nathan!

Yeah, that would be super helpful. When and where could I swing by to pick it up? (send me a private message on here if you prefer)



We have a big I think a brother usb connected printer that does big and small tapes. I also somewhere in my home i.e. findable in due course, have a white label printer, that when I find it can be leant to the space on a Very long term loan.