June Open/Social Nights


Hi everyone,

As usual, the 3rd Friday of the month will be the EOF Open/Social night. However, in an effort reach more people, Chris and I were thinking of running a second Open/Social night the following week.

What do people think of meeting up on both Friday the 21st and Thursday the 27th?

If that’s too soon after the regularly schedule Open/Social night then how about Thursday the 4th of July?

I’m keen on running an Open/Social night on a Thursday since turnout was very good last time we did that. It could be that Fridays are just inconvenient for people. Alternating between both days should give us some information on which day is preferred.


Who would be able to come on a Thursday night?



Having seen some of the recent discussion on Hangouts regarding fair usage / cost / etc of the Gallery, it might be worth looking at doing the Open Evenings every two weeks for the time being, and seeing how that goes.

It should also be said that these are designed to just try and open us up to more people on a more flexible basis. Not everyone has to turn up to all of these, if they don’t want to. But having more open nights for new people to come along to should help with getting more members.