Insurance application



Due to the pressure from the building managers we need to make a decision on insurance quickly. I’ve found a quote for around 650£ for public and employee (inc volunteers) liability, which extends to hot work (inc. welding) on our rented premises.

Details of the policy here:

We need to move quickly so there are two things to discuss.

  1. Does anyone think this insurance is unsuitable in coverage, language and cost?
  2. Can you pledge money to cover the costs of the insurance (£658.26/year) for the next year? We are barely covering our rent at the moment so we’d appreciate any support.

This is our one big blocker to letting members in our premises to use the tools and equipment.

Deadline for pledges and concerns by 27th of Dec.



I can pledge up to £200



I’ll match that.

Also, is this thread public or limited to members?



Private categories have a lock on discourse, so no. But if you feel like pledging publicly is a problem, send me a private message.

Sorry to move the post a bit but they gave me a call and we discussed the situation.

Since we are allowing people to work in a teaching situation and volunteers are going to organise events, I had to add 2 non-director volunteers (at one time) on our employee insurance and add teaching as a secondary category.

That brings us up to roughly £900.

I’ll be pledging £200 as well.

We’re only £300 off! Anyone want to help us reach the goal? Maybe reach out to some local groups who we’d acknowledge on our website and on the wall next to the insurance certificate?

In the meantime I’ll see what the Export and General insurance would cost us for the same type of cover.

This is through a broker and Zurich, which is sometimes mentioned as insuring hackspaces, doesn’t have an offer for this (although they had an expensive offer, over £1000, when we were not “teaching”).



We have lift off! Someone pledged the remaining £300 needed so we’re close to tidying up the paperwork. I’m going to review it one more time and then bring it to a directors’ meeting for final approval.



Just to let everyone know, as of the 1st of March we are insured by Export and General. This does require us to get our safety paperwork in order but it’s a great motivator. Volunteers welcome!