Hello there, EOF


Hey Everyone!

I’m Tristan. I’ve read up on the group, and actually stopped by the space to meet people during the anniversary/social last weekend, and met a few of the members.

A little about me. I am currently living in Oxford (and will be for at least another year or so), and I’ve been wanting to get back into making things. I have some experience with very basic woodworking (of the most practical and variety, not a carpentry to building code sort of thing. More along the lines of “hey we need something that works, it doesn’t have to be a work of art”.), a lot of experience with building home computers, and in the dim past I did an amount of hobbyist electronics (on the level of crystal radios and really basic soldered circuits).

I am really interested in learning pretty much any craft (from 3d printing, to sewing, casting, coding, and everything in between) that people would be willing to provide even a tiny amount of guidance (even in the form of explaining the how and why of their own projects as they work) or direction to sources of information.

Hopefully I will see people around the space and be able to soak up some knowledge and/or help with other people’s projects.




Hi Tristan!! Glad you decided to get involved with EOF. I’m sure everyone will be delighted to tell you what they are up to and help you extend your skills. On a related note, we’ve just had someone volunteer to take the lead on the sewing/textiles group (Jane) and we’re hoping to have an initial, exploratory meeting to coincide with the next EOF social evening, date tbc. Please feel free to contribute your own ideas and help develop the project if interested.

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Tristan, you may like to sign up to our Social chat group on Google Hangouts. This is the link (I hope!!): https://hangouts.google.com/group/2PsmyUsPZiWML9kB9.