Hello everyone!


Hi all,

I came along to the Hackerspace when it was open tonight and had a chat. I’m looking forward to joining the community and helping out with various projects and plans.

I currently do a lot of 3D printing, along with various other things, including electronics, designing new things and more.
I’m a keen sci fi fan, and also help to run several Live Action Roleplay systems.

I’m hoping to make it along to more events, and hopefully run some, and volunteer in the community to help build it up.


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Hi Chris!

Welcome to the community!

Our next social night is on the 19th. You should definitely pop in then and meet the rest of us. We can also continue our chat about the merits (or lack thereof) of Voyager :smiley: .



Hi Chris nice to meet you.
I’m sporadic in posting here and indeed turning up but welcome

Dan W