Hello all - I'm Miles


Hey there!

I’m Miles, I’m an architect with strong interests in woodwork, art including linocutting, printing, coding/web development and a little hardware hacking/custom keyboards.

I’ve been looking for some time for a community or shared workshop to pursue woodworking and furniture making as a hobby.

I have a few large-ish tools (a planer/thicknesser, small bandsaw, belt sander) that I would be happy to get pac tested and loan to a community workshop long term, if it’s the right fit. Also a very basic extraction system (a hoover with a cyclone attachment). Don’t know how the community operates regarding loans vs donations?

From looking through previous conversations and the website, looks like woodworking is something you’re trying to work towards. I’d love to help make that happen if possible!

Anyway, hello, and hope to get down to the space to meet a few of you soon!




Hello Miles!
Warm welcome by me! Nice to meet you, hope you´ll show up on one of our social meetings pretty soon. Im beginner in linocutting but slowly getting better :slight_smile: We´ll talk more about this and your other questions, I hope…

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Hi Miles,
nice to meet you. Hope to see you around the space / events.
Dan W

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