[Fri 17/08/18 19:30-22:30] First Social Night (Confirmed)


@Founders who’s up for having our first social night?

(Incomplete) list of what we may need:

  • 2-3 volunteers to help with setup and greeting.
  • A cooler with refreshments
  • A way to collect donations
  • Ask Makespace Oxford if we can use the communal space
  • Potentially do a write-up for the MakespaceOxford.org WhatsOn website section
    • We need to ask Makespace Oxford if this is required.
  • Advertise on
    • Meetups
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Daily Info
    • Carrier pigeon, clay tablets, etc…

I’m volunteering to help with this. If you’d like to volunteer (founder or not) please reply below.



I can offer some help - greeting and some setup anyway. You may have noticed my life has just become more complicated so I can’t be too specific at the moment. Will try to firm this up over the next week.


Happy to help out! Can I suggest we email the people we got info from the launch party?

Also I think I might be fiddling with the 3D printer to encourage some activities.



Who has the contact info for the people met at the launch party?

Also, do you know who I would need to email at Makespace to ask about using the common area?


Eileen has the paper copy and she sent me a deciphered version of it via email but she couldn’t interpret a few.

Emma is your point of call. She should be back from holiday soon. If it can wait then I suggest contact her when she gets back, which should be soon. There are alternatives.


Would you be willing to email those people once we have a time and location confirmed?

Also, when exactly is Emma back from holiday? Ideally I’d like to get approval this week and start advertising over the weekend. Waiting until Monday is probably fine, but any later than that is cutting it a bit close.


I would send her an email. She usually replies quickly if it’s not stuff she needs confirming with the board.

I can’t remember if there’s a place where events are posted. Maybe in the kitchen? Could check if something is being planned for that evening there. Otherwise our license allows us to spill out for chats.


I just noticed you created an event for the social night. I’ve set it to private so it shows up as “Busy” on the website. I did this because we don’t have confirmation yet that we can spill out… and also because it the email I send to makespace I mentioned different hours. I’ll update the listing when I get a response from MSO.

Edit: I set the event back to public and changed the hours to 7:30pm to 10:30pm.


Event is now public:

and on facebook:


Cool, so everything from the original list is covered except:

I’ll see about getting a cooler and, if push comes to shove, we can use an old shoe box as a donations tin :smile:

I’ll pick up refreshments on the day. We probably need to discuss a social night budget… I’ll add that to the list.


Thanks everyone who contributed to organising this! @yves.conan @ecameronkirby

It was quite successful with about 10 people attending! We also now have a few drinks left over which I need to convert back into money somehow so please feel free to leave a donation and take a drink :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, it was really fun :slight_smile: I can’t wait for the next one!