[Fri 16/11/2018 Evening] Textiles meetup + Social


Hello everyone!

@ecameronkirby has confirmed with Robbie from Oxford Alterations the date of the new textiles meetup. Final details to be sorted soon. I’m going to invite the Oxford Makers to this thread if anyone wants to join in and help.

At the same time, those less textile inclined can join the group downstairs for chatting and other tech shenanigans.

If you’d like to get involved, reach out ASAP and we’ll let you know how you can help!


Please note that I expect that a fair bit of our session on 16th will take place downstairs, in the so-called ‘gallery’ room alongside the social event, with only quite a short visit to Oxford Alterations upstairs. The best place for our spectacularly tangerine-coloured tables would be near the wall that adjoins EOF. I don’t anticipate that the 2 groups will find co-habitation a problem, but this can be revisited later if we expand too much.


Have we started advertising this yet?
I’d like to list this event as a “Hack the space” event as well, where we go through all the baggies of electronics components and put them in the components drawers Dan scored for us.

We should probably add them to the inventory while we’re at it too.


I’m a bit concerned we’re overlapping all these events. We have textiles, general meet and greet, hack the space and we also discussed putting some computers together…
@ecameronkirby is managing the textiles group, can I have a blurb for the social media?
@Iulian.Arcus I would have liked to focus on making, but it seems I’m being left with meet&greet
@yves.conan helps with meet&greet or hacks the space?


As long as the textiles group remains small and, hopefully, fairly self-starting, I should also be able to do some meet & greet stuff. If the textile group expands quite a lot, it may become necessary to move it to another day and time, but this isn’t likely to happen very soon I think.


I think it’ll need some more shepherding. But I’m happy to leave it with you. Any chance I can get an official blurb about what you’d like to see happen at your bit of the event?


Let’s postpone the “hack the space” event to a later social night. It’ll give me time to prepare it.


Cool. I’ll finalize the blurb as soon as I get Eileen’s part


I went ahead and wrote a blurb for both: https://www.meetup.com/EOF-Events/events/256189195/
Let me know if it sounds alright, you both should have viewing and editing rights to it.