Equipment for EOF


I have a few things you guys may like for EOF
I have for long term loan :
Malyan m200 3D printer
Toolbox full of various tools
Lasercutter which I lent out is still at Andrew Armstrongs however he seems fine to hand it over.

Free to have:
Flatscreen telly with built-in stand.
A wingback chair.
5.1 Logitec sound system.

I guess it depends what you guys need/want but this is what I have at the moment of which you may see a use worth justifying its procurement.



Man, all that sounds great!

What is the ventilation requirement for the Laser cutter? I think it’s safe to say we’re interested in borrowing it, but we may not be set up for proper ventilation for another few months.

We’ll also need to be sure to label your toolbox/various tools… and also add them to the inventory system.

The telly + sound system are super useful as well.

Man, thanks!



Forgot to give ya the tools
i also have a modern oscilloscope you can borrow.

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Between Natalie and Me we have some much tech stuff that we’ve been accused of hoarding. Just to be on the safe side I prefer to long term loan for now, but from where I am sitting here we can hand over a couple of sets of speakers. a bunch of cat 5e cables, a couple of monitors, I know we have spare laptops of various sizes. We may also have spare computers, not sure, and some older drives, keyboards, mice, etc. I’m not sure I may have working kyocera printers going spare. We may also be upgrading our colour laser so our older one may be spare. We definitely have a bunch of 4 port wifi router. I think we have a couple of duplex scanners as well. We also have a 55" plasma screen, and a stand that allows it to be rotated and I think we have a spare xbox 360 plus rockband kit but I’m not sure. I should be able to pass on a couple of black bookcases. I got some whiteboards I am not using right now. I’m pretty certain we have spare fans for the summer and fan heaters for winter. I also have a ton of used and a few unused bankers boxes. And lots & lots of wide tape. Plus I want to buy and donate some good gaffa tape and some velcro cable ties.
We could pretty much outfit a kitchen type space - fridge, possibly a freezer, dish washer, kettle, microwave, toaster, maybe a cooker, pots/pans/cutlery/plates, wine rack! etc. (we also have a washing machine and tumble dryer). I’m willing to buy us the open standard drinks maker:
Chairs is an interesting question, office chairs we have but I think we need to get them fixed, we have folding camping chairs if that’s helpful. I can also lend you chairs on a short term basis but some of them are for stokke/variable move stools which are expensive if they get damaged. And a flat packed fatboy (no beans) and full of beans fatboy. Plus a whole bunch of rugs. Oh and we have a bunch of spare 4 gangs, some of which surge surpress and a least a couple of 5 meter rolls. I know we have a slew of USB cables, plus a/v cables. For a longer term deal I have basically a newtek tricaster i.e. i have the PC based board and the external switch to handle SDI cables etc. I also have a least a couple of low end mics, at least one HD camera. If we want an Alexa - I got so me spare - somewhere! Oh and obviously VR gear: occulus, gear vr, simple Vr boxes etc. I’m wondering could we borrow a RoVR from charles, that way we get more people who can try VR and possible use it for real world apps. I have various tools that again I can loan on a you need it more than me short term basis such as 2 x 12v drills, a powered drill, I’ve got some makita cordless tools as well. Plus I have bunch of wrench packs, t handle hex/star sets, etc. Oh and I have a auto darkening welding mask. Really not sure what else i have - its all in boxes - somewhere!