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EOF T-Shirts

Please indicate that you need a EOF T-Shirt and size.

Please liaise with Kate about this.



If you buy an extra transfer for me, I’m in. I already got the t-shirt. I might see if I have enough time in the morning to cut on the vinyl cutter, but luckily our design is very free form so worst case we can bring a craft knife and cut the vinyl I bought for myself. I have white and glitter rainbow. Should be enough for about 3 tshirts each.

If anyone can bring a craft knife and an iron to the space, I’d be really thankful!



As of right now no ones asking for T-shirts
Also I’m an idiot I forgot that laser print T-shirt paper is much more complex than ink jet transfer paper
thus there are loads of inkjet paper I can get for Friday but no Laser paper
I do have a portable ink jet printer and it might work
any thoughts



So I’ve now roughly figured out what I need to do with the t-shirts. If you’d like a branded tshirt, I can sort it out for you, for a £5 donation to the group (+ you supplying the tshirt).

You’ll have a choice of negative or positive space design, hand or machine cut, white or sparkly multi-coloured glitter on whatever tshirt colour you give me.

Centered design looks ok but we can talk about your preferences on request.