EMF 2018 - EOF Village


I think at least 3 or 4 of us are going to EMF. Would it make sense for us to get a village?


Villages serve as common social areas and are a great place to host small workshops or just welcome visitors curious about our org.

Should we apply for one?

And there’s also the question of hiring a marquee, tables, etcs.

  • £227.50 = 1 x £227.50 for a 3mx6m marquee
  • £11.28 = 2 x £5.64 for 2 tables
  • £7.92 = 6 * £1.32 for 6 chairs.

Total: £246.70

I’m willing to chip in, and we could probably get by with a smaller marquee as well.

@dan.weatherill, @jared_reabow, @Iulian.Arcus thoughts?

@kate, @the.borderer will you be attending EMF this year?


We have tickets. We need to sort out care support. If we can hire a motorhome we might do that. We have big tents as well. There is also the reality that we might just collapse and just not be able to, we just don’ t kow at this point


Matt Wescott is the only one down for OxHack, I’m wondering if anyone would like to reach out and ask about hosting a Hackspaces@Oxford tent and split the cost?

As for me… I think we can get around by doing it for cheaper. I appreciate the community under a tent idea but we did well without at SHA.


Well, we had Jenny’s Hackaday tent at SHA as well as the London hackspace tent. We kind of mooched :stuck_out_tongue:

Splitting it with Matt sounds like a reasonable idea.


I have a tarp :stuck_out_tongue:



I have a ticket. Not sure about the idea of a village with the cost etc as we don’t really have much specific to show off yet


The Library of Things now have gazebos to rent so we might go for that. Should be pennies compared to renting it from the organisers.


I’ve created a Village page. Feel free to register yourselves.



So are we getting the gazebos from LoT? If so, how are we getting them to the EMF site?


I’ll be driving, so will Jared.


@dan.weatherill will you be driving as well?


@Iulian.Arcus @jared_reabow, @dan.weatherill So is the gazebo thing happening? Because we’ll need to reserve a location on the map and possibly rent a table and some chairs.


I’ve put our village here: https://map.emfcamp.org/?#19.89/52.0427329/-2.3747698
we can change it if needed, though if we do we should do it soon.


Hm… I was told Bicester Green might have a gazebo but I couldn’t secure one. I have a chair and a mini table. We should just get on a whatsapp chat…