Daytime residency


So here’s an idea that I’ve been toiling with.

We have a lot of dead time during the day, when we can’t use the space because we’re lacking keyholders. I suggest we invite people to apply for a residency program where they have access to the space for a number of days a week, get unsupervised access, etc.

This might bring some interesting people in and give us the boost we need to make the space feel less dead.

This can be advertised through Makespace Oxford and shouldn’t conflict too much with their co-working space since I’m aiming this to be for makers.




Sounds interesting to me.

There are safety and security issues to deal with, but we can address those as they come up. Hopefully our first resident won’t mind us playing it by ear :slight_smile:



It is an interesting idea.

A couple of questions:

  • would residents essentially make regular members “second class citizens”, because residents would have preferential access?

    • e.g. would that mean, in the case of member boxes, residents’ stuff would take precedence over regular members?
  • would a resident be a keyholder? i.e. would they be responsible for other members?

I’m not opposed in the short term, as I agree with the motivation to make the space active, these are just broader concerns for when the membership is larger.



This would be a temporary arrangement and would only take a couple of days of the week, while we don’t have volunteers to cover the day shifts. Residencies would be for a few months at most, then rediscussed in meetings.

We’ve discussed membership boxes and and we’re dealing with lack of space already. The member boxes would become project boxes and would only be allowed on temporary basis. They would have a bit more space than normal members but this is mostly because they might be working more often/regularly on a project so it would make sense for them to keep more tools and materials in. (But this is another discussion)

If they wish so, they may open up the space, but in my proposal, that would be up to them. They would be a keyholder from the license point of view, hence why they are slightly special.

My plan for this is to charge a bit more (£60-100/day) and use part of that money to supply the shop with tools of that person’s trade, so that we’re developing the space around expertise we have locally.

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