Cowley road carnival


I’m moving this into a separate topic so that we don’t drag the meeting with organisational discussions.

From @kate:

Who is leading this? Kate or Iulian.
How is this being budgeted.
What is on the stand?
How are they being run. Will batteries work.
Pre-event test
Staffing the stall
Are we getting an exteral cover thing.
What are our advertising materials.
Banners, posters, leaflets?
Who is designing and producing them

My understanding is that @kate would take lead on this. My only duty is to know what you’re making the group liable for and approving it.

Did we send the insurance and payment info on time?

There’s no budget for this event at the moment since we don’t have any money. Any payments you need to make will have to be done on pledges only (unless we decide otherwise, but without a budget I doubt it).



I received an email about submitting the documents by the end of the week. The initial term was last Friday.

@PsyBorg has offered to host us in the community centre with free electricity but of course that means not having the same exposure.

For our first time I think we should consider his offer since we’d not need to pay anything. @kate you’re the only volunteer for the event so it’s fully your decision.



we should cancel.
I think that’s a better option for us. The carnival also need money etc from us today to go ahead with all of it.
Which I can’t organize today as I am dealing with flood damage to my home and the loss of everything I had in my garage which has been flooded from drains i.e. raw sewage. I have insurance for everything including my phone (which is not charging) So need to focus on that right now



I’m sorry to hear that Kate. I’ll send an email unless you have already?