Codinghub Oxford


There’s a contest between 8th and the 18th of March on codingame.


Was hoping to get a one night event for a codinghub. I can’t do Friday evenings.

Would it be possible to pick an evening between the 8th and 18th and announce it on meetup?
I initially thought the 13th would be alright, but if you think a weekend day would be better then I would go for that as long as it’s not Friday.

Would prefer if the event is between 6pm and 9:30pm.

I need to get an idea of how many people i could possibly get interested, so i can let codingame know how many freebies they should send. These would include t-shirts, cups, pens and are used for the purpose of generating interest in the event. Obviously free give away for anyone who
shows up to code for the contest.

Trello announcement:

Once anyone can confirm exact time and place i can let the community manager know how to update the details.

Thanks in advance for any feedback, ideas and suggestions.



As discussed, I’ve set up an event on the 13th in the evening!