Camp theme? CCC or EMF


So we all know @yves.conan is obsessed with Mario and it’s starting to rub off on me. I propose for one of the upcoming camps we’re going to (CCC/EMF) that we build our village as some sort of Mario world with pipes for stools, dioramas, question block lamps, a TV with retro pi and of course RC Bullet Bills


Wait, what? Since when am I obsessed with Mario?


Since you tried to make a shell helmet and you know more about how to triple jump in Mario better than anyone I know :smiley: Joking aside, thought it might be a cool thing if we had a village theme. It’ll give us some interesting projects to work towards.


Oh yeah!

Well, I like the game Mario Maker. That’s about it. And the shellmet was going to be for the Critical Mass Halloween ride… but I never finished the project.

I’m happy to chip in the shellmet if it works towards a village theme. But, other than that, I have no real interest in making Nintendo props. That’s not to say I’m against going with a Nintendo theme… I probably just won’t add much to it.