Basic electronics (finally)


So I think finally I’m in a position where the next few months look stable and not too hectic to start running electronics things.

I’m generally a person happy to help out with things but not a huge ideas guy in terms of projects so I prefer to take input on what people would like. Anyone who knows me knows my own back yard nowadays is low noise analog stuff but I am pretty good with digital / micros & FPGAs as well, and can dabble a bit in power electronics though by no means an expert.

So, would anyone be interested in attending or helping to run any of the following:

  • semi-regular general electronics “drop in” type sessions
  • primers on super introductory stuff (how to light up an LED type stuff)
  • more in depth analog/power type sessions in a similar vein to those I used to run somewhere else
  • intro to embedded c++ (using ARM micros probably as that’s what I know best, AVR/Arduino etc I’m sure we have some experts already!)

Dan W



Excellent news, Dan. I look forward to hearing more and maybe getting involved. Also, it may not be your kind of thing, but would you consider running some kind of workshop at the Tandem Festival in June?The organizers would be keen on all sorts of topics, including many that EOF would be able to cover, and also repair-cafe type sessions. Iulian is thinking of getting involved and (I believe) attended their planning meeting yesterday at Makespace. I’m in regular touch with them, and have now volunteered to ‘woman’ (or should that be ‘person’?) their information desk for the 3 days of the festival. Dates 21-23 June, venue Ramsden near Witney. Some links:,, etc. Cheers, Eileen.



I’d be interested in pretty much any electronics or microcontroller workshop.

I only have a very fuzzy understanding of either of them and wouldn’t mind getting better at both.

I don’t know how many times people have asked me for help with some electronics work and the only thing I can offer is a shrug :confused:

I’m happy to help you run these workshops too. Just let me know how I can contribute.