Allocated Parking Space


Regarding the action point about parking in

This was my reply on the 3rd of April.

Sorry to take so long in getting back to you on this. Preferably we would need one or two spaces to accommodate our members, but in the initial stages I don’t think we would need anything more than ad-hoc, but it would be something to keep an eye out as the membership grows. I’m hoping that our usual activity hours don’t conflict that much with the day workers and we’d have bays available by evening. Maybe that’s something we can make a bit more formal (bays allocated to us after 6:00 - 6:30 PM)?

What we would like to request is that there is a loading bay for bringing in materials (which may just be a permanent space that we’d be happy to share for this purpose) and one or two disabled bays for the whole building, since we do have a few members who are blue badge holders.

I noticed there was an adhoc motorcycle parking place to the right of the gates as you come in. It would be nice to keep that to encourage small powered vehicle travel but that’s more of a personal request.


This all seems very reasonable. However, if we want to go for a dedicated space (in the evening/s) we would presumably still have to pay for it. I don’t know how easy it would be to organize sharing the same space with another group, but at a different time/times of the day. If our social evening is going to be Thursday, as at OxHack, then getting a dedicated space for Thursday evenings might be a minimum to start with. What do you think? We mustn’t make life too complicated for Emma!!


Please find attached a map of the parking spaces outside that are allocated, and those that are available for ad hoc use.

You will see that upon entering the gate, visitors are encouraged to use the right hand side area. For tenants who are just needing occasional use, there are two bays at the far left next to where the skip was that are available for add hoc use, with spill over into the visitors area.

Anyone who is not paying for parking please NEVER park in the Hayfield Road, tree lined bays. These are exclusively for people / organisations who have paid for their spaces and therefore get a bit annoyed if they are full when they arrive.

I’ve ordered a second line of bike racks, so once we have two I will re-possition them as per the map.

Parking plan_july18.pdf (232.4 KB)

Please see new parking arrangements and pleae try to respect them.