A day out to Newbury Radio Rally - 23rd June


Hello everyone,
I’ve never been to Newbury radio rally, but it is one of the bigger ones, not quite as large as Dunstable though. If you want some electronic components, tools, test gear, various technological/computer detritus from mainly the 70s, 80s, 90s or classic early 2000s you won’t find many better places to get it at a reasonable price. Or, if you want to see some Ham radio people get into arguments about incredibly inscrutable beefs about which classic 70s receiver setup is the best, this is also the place to go. Don’t ask me about Ham radio I really have no idea about it.

If anyone wants to join, drop a message in this thread. I have space in the car for at least a couple of extra people. We would be setting off from Oxford at ~0900 on the day.

Dan W



Count me in. Sounds like fun.

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