A day out to Dunstable Downs - May 19th


Dear all,
Dunstable Downs radio rally (http://www.ddrcbootsale.org/) this year is on Sunday 19th May, and as is (semi) tradition for me I will be driving there with a small wad of cash and foolish ideas to have a look round the endless stalls of retro ham radio/ electronics/ 90s and early 2000s computing supplies that tend to be on show.

If you would like to join me, please reply here! We will be setting off quite early, as just like any other car boot sale, the best stuff tends to run out fairly quickly.

Dan W



Thanks for this excellent suggestion Dan, it sounds like an interesting day out and a good opportunity to pick up some interesting kit. Normally I would be up for a chance to experience a new world of activity, but am currently bogged down with other commitments and an increasingly flat personal battery. Maybe next year?? :grinning:



I’m interested! I need to get some leads



Did you go in the end?

I didn’t notice this thread until the day of but, regardless, I wouldn’t have been able to go. I flew in from Canada on that morning and I was completely exhausted.



yeah we went was quite a good day picked up a few useful things, including a handy looking vacuum pump in reasonably good condition.