3D printers Maintenance


Our latest member Sven has put in a bit of time to look at our 3D printers and get them running a bit better. Part of that was first finding a decent profile for the Malyan M200 which seems to be working quite well other than a decent amount of warping on the bottom and the brim not really coming out right. Probably some bed temperature settings.

As for the giant TronXY X5S we are now looking into upgrading the firmware as manually calibrating it looks fine but there’s a bit of bowing in the centre which means the 9 point calibration functionality of later Marlin versions is our best bet in getting something stable. That has somewhat failed us but we’re getting there… I think this video is very relevant in getting it operational. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAwAM_dwoRo

I’d really like to get some BuildTak print mats for both so we don’t have to faff with the tape. The 30cm ones are about £25 £40 (its 40cm wide not 30cm) and the smaller one is only £5 so I’d like to see if there are people willing to chip in some spare coins?


Hi all,

Just a bit of further information, I’ve built my own 3D printer with a lot of effort, now happy to help out with the finicky bits of firmware/calibration… definitely looking forward to getting the TronXY “the beast” working!

The 9 point bed leveling is a feature that can be enabled on the 3d printer by firmware upgrade. It lets you calibrate the height of the bed at 9 positions by adjusting the print head up and down… so avoids messing with any screws and gives very good calibration. Definitely worth doing every now and then. Will be back from holiday in 2 weeks but do have a go flashing the new firmware if you can, good luck! :slight_smile: